Services Offered

Affordable, Safe, Secure - Safe Deposit Boxes

Affordable, Safe, & Secure.  These are words that describe Piedmont Credit Union Safe Deposit boxes.  Call our office for the latest pricing.  Boxes range in size from 3x5 inches to 10x10 inches.

Night Drop Box

Our main office has a night drop box that you may use after regular business hours to leave deposits, payments, as well as correspondence or applications.  It is located in the 1st drive thru lane closest to the building and is just before the teller window.

Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit is the fastest way to get your money into your account.  Funds are transmitted electronically from your employer to your credit union account. 
It is not dependant upon mail so it arrives on time even when mail is not running.  It even arrives on holidays and other times when the credit union may be closed.  Problems are rare and are quickly resolved. ... keep reading...

Payroll Deduction

Payroll Deduction is a service offered by Piedmont Credit Union to local employers who may not support Direct Deposit.  With this service your employer withholds a set amount from your paycheck and delivers it to the credit union on your behalf.  The credit union then credits your account.

Wire Transfers

Wire transfers are a quick way to transfer money between different financial institutions.  Ususally, transfers take less than 24 hours, sometimes being completed the same day.

Outgoing wire transfers are only $17.00 and may be sent to any financial institution in the United States.

There is no fee for an incoming wire transfer.  incoming wire transfers may be received from any financial institution in the world.

Please include the following information to receive a wire transfer to your Piedmont Credit Union account:

Optional Loan Protection - Insurance, GAP, Breakdown Coverage

Piedmont Credit Union offers several loan add-on's to provide you with peace of mind.  There is affordable credit disability insurance and affordable credit life insurance. There is also Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP) to ensure that your car loan will be paid off in an accident.  Below is an explanation of these various optional loan services.

Traveler's Cheques

Traveler's Cheques are a great way to obtain peace of mind when traveling.  Single signature cheques can be purchased without a fee.  Dual-Signature cheques do require a small fee of $0.50 per $100.00.

ATM Locations

There are many PCU ATMs and other local ATMs that may be used completely for free! A list is found below.

In addition to our local ATM's Piedmont Credit Union offers free ATM usage at more than 2,500 locations all over the United States through the CU Here network.  To find an ATM near you that is part of the network please visit our ATM Locator at  Be sure to select the check box for Surcharge-Free Only then look for CU-Here ATMs.

VISA Check Cards

Piedmont Credit Union VISA Check Cards are accepted anywhere in the world that accepts VISA.*  There are no annual fees.  The Check Card may also be used at ATMs by using the Personal Identification Number (PIN). For foreign ATM transactions Piedmont Credit Union does charge a small fee, however there are many surcharge free ATMs that may be used.  Click here to locate one of these ATMs near you.  You must have a share draft checking account in order to use a VISA Check Card.

ATM Cards

Piedmont Credit Union ATM Cards are a great way to access your funds in your share savings account or share draft checking account.  Many Point of Sale locations also accept ATM cards when using your Personal Identification Number(PIN).  For foreign ATM transactions Piedmont Credit Union does charge a small fee, however there are many surcharge free ATMs that may be used.  Click here to locate one of these ATMs near you.  Piedmont Credit Union ATM machines allow you to withdraw up to $500 every 24 hours.