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Welcome to Savings Story! Here we invite you to share your experiences with money and savings, your own Savings Story. Maybe you're good at finding the best deals on things? Maybe you have a tips for living smarter and making more efficient use of your money? Maybe you have a story of how your savings saved you? Maybe things aren't so good and you need some advice about how to get back on the right track? Whatever your experience with money, feel free to share it here.

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How to Save on Eating Out

  1. Set a Budget.
    By setting a budget before you get to the restaurant, you face the decision of, "Can I afford to order this?" You can focus on those portions of the menu that fit within your budget, so you won't spend more than you really should.
  2. Eat During Off Hours Happy hour isn't just for drinks.

Making It Through Layoffs and Short Time

A layoff or job loss is a difficult experience for anyone, no matter how prepared you may have been.  Many Piedmont Credit Union  members have experienced some type of short time or layoff over the last few years.  There is a good chance that you know at least one person who has involuntarily lost their job temporarily or perhaps permanently.  Here is a list of 18 ideas that will hopefully be a help for those facing a reduction of income. ... keep reading...

The 4 Myths of Buying in Bulk Dispelled

Ask most people for a common way to save money on groceries and household goods, and they may come back with this answer: Buy in bulk. While it can be an amazingly simple way to potentially save some bucks, it can also be a buying trap. Here are the 4 misconceptions we typically attribute to bulk buying, and the truth for each. ... keep reading...

Money Saving Websites

As the Consumer Education Specialist for Pittsylvania County Community Action, I have found several useful sites for saving money: Slickdeals, Southern Savers, Wisebread, CouponMom and ppgazette. You may need to do a google search in order to bring up these money saving websites but, it's well worth your while.

7 Ways to Save Money in 2010

First of all, Happy New Year from your friends at Piedmont Credit Union!

Here are 7 ideas to help you save money in 2010.  What are some ideas that you have?  Share them in the comments section below... ... keep reading...

Christmas Shopping Tip

Here's my favorite Christmas shopping Tip of 2009.  Know what you want to buy BEFORE you go to the store.  When people go shopping without a clearly defined  goal or a predefined budget they dramatically increase the chances that we'll spend too much money or make the dreaded Impulse Purchase.

Here's a bonus Christmas shopping tip...  ... keep reading...

Making Payments for Life!

Piedmont CU member Linda Y. tells about her Payments for Life Savings Plan!  Read about how she has saved lots and lots of money by continuing her loan payments even after her loan was paid off! Click Read more below... ... keep reading...

A Little Knowledge Changes Everything

What's the money lesson that can be learned from big, mean looking hornets?  The more we know about a problem the better we can respond to it.  Problems that seem to have no solution can be turned around by the application of a little knowledge... ... keep reading...

Taking My Own Advice

I really blew it today! I discarded several easy and important pieces of my own money saving advice.  Today I was on my own for lunch.  (I usually have lunch with my wife & kids at home.  But they went swimming today.  This lead to mistake #1, I should've... ... keep reading...

Are You Up For The Challenge?

Take the Challenge!

Kathy W. of Danville has a challenge.  It's the $30 Weekly Grocery Challenge!  Kathy has set a goal for herself and her family of three to spend no more than $30 per week on groceries, baby food, snacks, cleaning supplies and personal items.  Sound impossible?  She's done it for more than seven months now! ... keep reading...

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