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There is a good chance that everyone, at some point in their life, will need to borrow money. Piedmont Credit Union is a safe and secure place for our members to borrow and save their money. Whether it is to buy your first car, re-model your house, or to pay for a child's education, your credit union has a loan for you at a great interest rate. Click here to apply.

Car, Truck & SUV Loans

Piedmont CU is the best place to get a car loan.  Let us help with your next vehicle purchase.

Credit Cards

Now is a great time to consider a credit card with your Piedmont Credit Union!  Stop in to any of our locations and ask for a Credit Card Application.

Personal Loans

Have you ever found yourself with unexpected expenses? Do you need to buy a new computer? Are there repairs that you've been putting off?  A Piedmont Credit Union personal loan may be just what you need.

Mortgage Loans

Piedmont Credit Union can tailor a refinance or purchase loan to fit each borrower’s unique circumstances...

Home Equity Loans

Tap in to the equity of your home and realize your dreams!

Motorcycle, Camper, Boat & RV Loans

Whether you're riding across town on your motorcycle, or across the country in your RV, Piedmont Credit Union has a loan to help you get there!

Christmas Loans

A great way to pay for gifts during the holiday season.


Piedmont Credit Union is pleased to provide these financial calculators free of charge to our members and guests.

Optional Loan Protection - Credit Insurance, GAP, Mechanical Repair Coverage

Protect your credit with affordable payment & collateral protection options.