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Lost or Stolen Card

If your card is lost or stolen call our office immediately. If our office is closed you may call one of the following toll-free telephone numbers:


Piedmont Credit Union is pleased to provide these financial calculators free of charge to our members and guests.

Cancel an Online Billpay Payment

Question: How do I cancel an Online Billpay Payment?

If you dont know your username or password...

If you cannot remember your password we would need for you to contact us to let us know that you would like your password reset.

ATM Locations

Piedmont Credit Union offers many ATM locations.  In addition to our branch offices, Piedmont CU partners with other credit unions as part of the CU HERE Network.  You may use your card without a surcharge at any CU HERE ATM up to three times per month. Read more for more details and to view ATM locations...

Routing Number

The Piedmont Credit Union routing number (aka. ABA Number) is...

Frequently Asked Questions...

1. Do I have to be a member of PCU to apply for any loans?

Monthly Spending Plan Worksheet

A Rock and a Hard Place...

Many times it seems as though there isn’t enough money to reach the next payday. It’s a very serious subject for a great many individuals in our community. You may be feeling incredible stress while frantically trying month after month, payday after payday, to make ends meet and somehow get ahead financially.

If this describes you, Don’t Give Up Hope! The easiest way to relieve the stress of money worries is to create a written plan. Often just the act of writing down your bills and when to pay them is enough to significantly reduce the stress caused by financial troubles.