Riverview Rotary Christmas Parade

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Merry Christmas from Piedmont Credit Union!Piedmont Credit Union wins the Corporate Cup!
The theme of the parade was Community Christmas Spirit.  Our float, aptly named "The Spirit of Our Community", took the form of a city street which depicted three core virtues which are evident in our community.  Faith was expressed by Christmas carolers in front of a chapel. Hope was seen in the eyes of a young couple bringing home their newborn baby from the hospital. Charity is shown by our own little Food Bank helping those in need.  The children on the float symbolize the passing on of these virtues to future generations.  It is our hope that parade goers were reminded that, whatever their station in life, they can share their own faith, their own hope, and whatever charity they can to better the community which we know and love. 

Click here to see photos of the float at the parade and during construction.