Rate Update - April 2010

Money Market Accounts
Money Market Account holders can now write checks drawn on their Money Market Account.  Existing account holders may contact Joan at our office to order Money Market checks.

There are a few restrictions that we are required to place on our Money Market Accounts.  These were required so that our Money Market Accounts are in compliance with the federal laws which govern them.  For all the details about how this type of account works click here.

Our Money Market Account rates remain very strong.

Home Equity Loans
Piedmont CU offers a seven year home equity loan at only 5.5%.  This rate is FIXED for those seven years!  There are lot's of uses for this type of account.  You could payoff your existing mortgage or use it to pay for a major expense such as a home rennovation, wedding, or to buy a car.  We'll even pay your closing costs when you borrow more than $15,000.  There is an application fee of $270 which covers the cost of home appraisal.

Automobile Loans
The Wall Street Journal recently reported that the auto finance market is experiencing a spring thaw.  We've seen the beginnings of such a thaw right here in southside Virginia too.  Our automobile rates remain very low and we're eager to make some good auto loans.