Passwords.... WAIT!... Good Passwords

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I saw this link in my seldom used Twitter feed this morning.... 25 Worst Passwords of 2011 Revealed.   I'm happy to say that none of my personal or work passwords are even remotely close to any of these.  In fact my favorite password is one I've used since 7th grade when I wrote my very first password program on an Apple IIe computer!   There was no encryption but it kept all my nerdy friends (and teachers) out of my files!  In fact it's a very strong password which today protects my personal Facebook account. 

If your password was on the list or if you think it's not far off, then consider making a stronger one.  Here's a free online password generator that will crank out complex random passwords all day long.  Of course random passwords are impossible to remember.  But a good password manager such as Keepass might make that task much easier.

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