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You can save hundreds, even thousands of dollars by moving your car loan from your current lender to Piedmont CU.  For a limited time we will even beat your current lender's interest rate by up to 2%!

Consider this example.  Lets say you have a $20,000 loan at an interest rate of 6%.  Lets continue by saying that you have another 48 months to pay your payments of $470 per month.  With our Reduce Two! program Piedmont CU will refinance that vehicle at just 4% keeping your same 48 month term leaving you with a payment of just $451.  That's just $19 less per month, but over the remaining 48 months that $19 totals to more than $900!   This is just one example.  Many members realize savings over $1,000 by making this simple move. 

Fine print: This promotion is only for automobile loans that you have at another lender.  Existing Piedmont CU are not eligible.  (Our auto rates are already very low.)  The lowest any rate can go is 2.75%.  We'll give you an additional half percent off if you have already or open a Piedmont CU Checking Account or VISA Credit Card, the floor rate of 2.75% still applies.  You must have at least 6 month of good credit history on your existing loan. 

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