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3.00% - 4.75%
Balance Requirements: 
See details.

Maximum Term: 15 years.

Maximum Amount: $250,000 pr 80% of property appraisal value, whichever is less.

Variable Home Equity Line of Credit rate is equal to the U.S. Prime Rate plus either 0.25% or 2.00% depending on the borrowers' credit score. This rate is subject to change on a monthly basis.

APY = For deposit accounts this is the Annual Percentaage Yield.
APYE = For deposit accounts this is the Annual Percentage Yield Estimated.  This assumes that you will allow your dividends to post to your account which compounds your earnings.
APR = For loans this is the Annual Percentage Rate.
Deposit and loan rates are subject to change. All Loan Rates, Maximum Amounts, Terms, Payments, and Loan Approval are determined by several factors including but not limited to credit history, income, and other account relationships already established with Piedmont Credit Union.