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Matt Nelson standing on his front porchIn 1969 Matt Nelson, a Danville teacher, organized a small group of local teachers to form the Danville Education Association Credit Union. This brand new credit union served the financial savings and lending needs of this small group. As with any great idea or movement, there were good times and bad times. But over the years the credit union continued to grow both in numbers and popularity, offering wonderful service and great pricing. As more and more teachers and other educational employees joined, the group changed its name to The Piedmont Educational Employees Credit Union.

In the mid 1980’s, APAC VA Paving became the first employee group to offer the credit union to its employees. Over the next few years this great idea took flight and several more businesses became select employer groups, offering the credit union as an optional benefit to their employees. It was during this time period that the group finally settled on a name, Piedmont Credit Union. The credit union continued to grow to the point of serving more than 100 schools and more than 50 businesses in the Dan River Region.

Piedmont Credit Union main office buildingIn 2009, the year of its 40th anniversary, Piedmont Credit Union extended its eligible membership to any person who lives or works in the City of Danville, VA and the counties of Pittsylvania and Halifax in Virginia. Piedmont Credit Union is still a member owned cooperative that is run by a volunteer, elected Board of Directors. It is still not for profit, and the same personal service and great pricing that marked the credit union in the 20th Century still mark it in the 21st Century! It is a great pleasure for all of the staff and volunteers of Piedmont Credit Union to serve our members and we can’t wait to see what’s ahead!