Fraudulent Card Charges

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Last month the Danville Register & Bee ran a story about fraudulent debit card charges on Piedmont Credit Union accounts. The credit union has determined that this is a result of the security breach on a card payment processor in New Jersey.  Heartland Payment Systems has issued a statement at  This affects thousands of banks and credit unions across the country. There was no security breach at Piedmont Credit Union or any of its vendors.

Heartland Payment Systems is a company that processes transactions for over 250,000 retailers across the nation.  A person's card may be compromised if they have used it at a store which uses Heartland Payment Systems.

Fortunately the risk of identity theft is very small in this incident.  Heartland Payment Systems states that:

"No merchant data or cardholder Social Security numbers, unencrypted personal identification numbers (PIN), addresses or telephone numbers were involved in the breach."

Regardless of the bank, credit union, or credit card issuer where you have your account, everyone with a Visa, MasterCard, Credit or Debit Card should check their account statements regularly for fraudulent charges. As an easy means of doing this Piedmont CU offers NetBranch free of charge as well as our Telephone Teller Audio Response system.  If you suspect fraudulent activity you should contact us immediately.  If it is after hours, click here for our lost/stolen card hotline.