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While your credit union tries to avoid charging fees for our services whenever possible, there are times when fees are incurred.  Sometimes certain transactions cause the credit union to have to pay a fee, and in those cases we charge fees to offset the cost of this.

Money Market Accounts  
Minimum Balance to Open Money Market $1,000.00
IRA Account Fees  
Annual IRA Fee $20.00
Share Account Fees  
Minimum Balance to Open Share Account $25.00
Minimum Check Withdrawal Amount $15.00
Minimum Cash Withdrawal Amount $5.00
Withdrawal Fee (After 6th withdrawal per month each withdrawal thereafter) $5.00
Close Account within 60 days of opening it $8.00
Account balance remains at $5.00 or less for a period of one year $5.00
Annual Dormant Account Fee (no activity for two years) $25.00
Copy or Printout of statement $1.00/page
Check Cashing Fee (if no active checking account) $5.00
Returned Check and Returned ACH Fees  
Return of a Deposited Check $30.00
Returned Check or Returned ACH fee $30.00
Stop Payment Fee $17.00
Credit Union Check withdrawal fee (per check, 1st Credit Union Check is free) $5.00
Share Draft Checking Account Fees  
Minimum Balance to Open Share Draft Checking Account $50.00
Non-Sufficient Funds Fee $30.00
ACH Non-Sufficient Funds Fee (Includes Online Billpay transactions) $30.00
Stop Payment Fee $17.00
Credit Union Check withdrawal from Share Draft Checking account (per check) $5.00
Copy of Cleared Check $3.00
Overdraft Fee (The first 6 are free. From Shares or Overdraft Protection Loan) $5.00
Other Fees  
Outgoing Wire Transfers $17.00
Incoming Wire Transfers Free
Levy, Liens, or Garnishments $25.00
Account Research (per hour, $6.25 minimum) $25.00
Copies $1.00 per page
Notary Services for members Free
Club Account Early Withdrawal Fee $25.00
Local or Toll Free Fax Service $0.50 per page
Fax Services (Long Distance) $1.00 for first page then $0.70 per page
Member Re-Join Fee (Charged if it has been less than 12 months since the membership was closed.  This is in addition to the $25 deposit to re-open the share account. If membership was closed for more than 12 months the fee is waived but the member must meet current eligibility requirements at the time of re-joining.) $25.00
ATM & VISA Check Card Fees  
Piedmont Credit Union owned ATMs Free
Foreign ATM Fees apply to any ATM or Point of Sale machine not owned by Piedmont Credit Union  
Foreign ATM Withdrawal Fee after 3rd withdrawal during the month $2.00
Foreign ATM Inquiry Fee after 3rd inquiry during the month $1.00
Replacement ATM or Visa check Card $12.00
Re-Order PIN number $5.00