DIY (Do It Yourself) Lobby Video Screens

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One way the credit union saved money was with our lobby video display system.  Let's face it, we have never done very much with signs in the lobby.  About a year ago we started to consider some sort of video display system.  We recevied quotes ranging from $7,000 to $15,000!!!  That was simply way too much money to spend on a glorified poster!

So I started to think about alternatives.  Specifically I was thinking about building a video system using mostly equipment that we already had.  We had 3 15" LCD monitors and an old computer that were collecting dust. I loaded a web server on the old computer and set it up to display a simple, automatically changing website in full screen mode. Then I mounted and ran wiring to the 3 monitors. That was the hardest part of the project. Lastly I purchased a PC-to-Video converter so that it also displays on our drive-thru screens.

The whole thing cost the credit union about $750. That's 10% of the cost quoted by professional installers! If we wanted to buy signs and rotate them every week we would have easily spent that much within 12 months.

Saving money isn't just for individuals. Business can find tremendous savings by doing a little homework before rushing into deals with vendors. If you add a little ingenuity to your homework... Watch Out! You're on the way to savings and success!

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