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Coins Newsletter - Winter 2013

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1,000 Smiles at the Riverview Rotary Christmas Parade

The night was comfortable and Christmas  Spirit was in the air!  We easily counted more than one thousand smiles as our Lego® toys themed float made its way down Main Street at last month’s Christmas Parade. 

In keeping with the theme of “Christmas Toyland”, Piedmont Credit Union decided to partner with another organization which specializes in toys, The MDA Lego® Build-Off. Together we unlocked our creativity to make your beloved Lego® toys come to life this  past Holiday Season!

The float appeared to be made entirely of giant Lego® toys. The handmade Lego® person costumes were the signature of this year’s float.  They were brought to life by some of Piedmont Credit Union’s youngest account holders.  There were elves, nutcrackers a jack-in-the-box and even Santa Claus.

The MDA Lego® Build-Off takes place around the first week of August and raises funds and awareness for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. It’s there that you can share your own Lego® creation and help raise money which will go towards fighting this devastating disease. For more information visit mdabuildoff.com.

If you enjoy these photos then visit our Facebook page for many more. www.facebook.com/piedmontcu.

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Coping With Economic Uncertainty

Times of economic uncertainty can take on many different forms: medical catastrophe, factory closing, divorce, etc.  Perhaps the one at the forefront of most of our minds is the “fiscal cliff” and the uncertainty which it brings for this new year.  As this article is penned we don’t yet know the outcome.  However, what we do know can make all the difference in coping with what we don’t know.

The Parachute

Here is what we do know.  When it comes to uncertain economic times, savings become more important, not less.  No one can avoid crises in their life.  They are part of life.  When life sends you over your “fiscal cliff”, your savings account is your parachute.  So, what kind of parachute do you want?  Perhaps something sturdy and without any gaping holes in it. It also needs to be big enough to slow your fall so that you land safely and gently.

But this is not the kind of parachute one can purchase at a skydiving supply store.  No, this parachute needs to be built by you, over time.  We may not feel the full effect of the “fiscal cliff” for several months to come, if at all.  But go ahead and start weaving your “parachute” savings account today.  Set a goal for how much you would like to have saved up for a crisis.  A good rule of thumb is six months of your take-home pay.  That may seem difficult if you have never saved before, so start with a smaller goal of one day’s pay and graduate yourself up to one week, then two weeks, and so on and so on.

Now for a brief word about long-term savings.  Most financial planners recommend that you continue to invest in retirement plans when times of uncertainty come.  Economic uncertainty may last for only a few months, but the benefits of long-term saving will payoff twenty to thirty years down the road, when these current times are only a faded memory.  
If you need help with patching up your savings parachute, go to the experts. Piedmont CU offers financial counselling services free of charge to our members through Greenpath Debt Solutions.  The service is confidential and very helpful if your budget is tight or if you simply have financial questions.  For more complex advice about investments and stocks, talk to a local financial planner.

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Debit Cards and Overseas Transactions

Most of us LOVE our Debit Card.  The ease of use and instant, yet safe, access to your money when you need it are unparalleled. However, Piedmont CU and VISA have taken measures to increase the safety of using a Debit Card by blocking its use in foreign countries.  Sometimes this comes into play when making purchases online.  Even though the website is showing on your computer in Danville, the merchant may actually be somewhere in Europe or Asia.

If you have a question about why your card didn’t work when you thought it should, give us a call.  Also, if you tell us ahead of time that you will be traveling to a foreign country, we can temporarily allow foreign transactions specifically for your card during the time of your stay.

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December 18th was Mealie Appreciation Day

The staff and many credit union members took a little extra time to show their appreciation for Mealie Scott as she prepares to retire at the end of 2012.  Here are some photos and a few words from a forever friend...

"I've always found serving our members to be so rewarding for me, to help them however I can.  Piedmont Credit Union is a really special place to work.  I've loved the work that I do here."  ~Mealie Scott


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Please Welcome... Eric Hancock

Eric Hancock has joined the Piedmont CU Lending Team!  Eric believes very strongly in the credit union model of putting members first and working to see their dreams come true. His experience and expertise have already made him a very valuable part of our team.

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Employee Anniversaries

Congratulations to the following who celebrated anniversaries at Piedmont Credit Union.

  • Teresa Tuck - 7 years
  • Stacey Saunders - 7 years
  • Alice Ann Crowl - 3 Years
  • Matthew Boyes - 1 Year
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Upcoming Events and Holidays

  • New Year's Day - Tuesday, Jan. 1, 2013 - PCU Closed
  • Martin L. King Jr. Day - Monday, Jan. 21, 2013 - PCU Closed
  • Presidents' Day - Monday, Feb. 18, 2013 - PCU Closed
  • Homebuyer Workshop - Tuesday, March 12, 2013, 6pm - Register Here!
  • Easter Monday - Monday, Apr. 1, 2013 - PCU - PCU Closed
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