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3% above cert rate
Balance Requirements: 
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Only certificates held at Piedmont Credit Union may be used for collateral. The rate is equal to exactly 3.00% above the dividend rate that the certificate is currently paying. For instance, if your certificate is earning 3.75% then your loan rate would be 6.75%. The amount borrowed cannot exceed the current balance of your certificate.

APY = For deposit accounts this is the Annual Percentaage Yield.
APYE = For deposit accounts this is the Annual Percentage Yield Estimated.  This assumes that you will allow your dividends to post to your account which compounds your earnings.
APR = For loans this is the Annual Percentage Rate.
Deposit and loan rates are subject to change. All Loan Rates, Maximum Amounts, Terms, Payments, and Loan Approval are determined by several factors including but not limited to credit history, income, and other account relationships already established with Piedmont Credit Union.