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Make the Summertime Switch!

If you find yourself with some additional time on your hands this summer, consider making the Summertime Switch!  It's easy to save money and add convenience to your life by switching your checking account to Piedmont Credit Union.  Just download our Switch Kit!  It will walk you through switching accounts in a simple step by step process.

Why is now a good time to switch to Piedmont Credit Union? ... keep reading...

Lost or Stolen Card

If your card is lost or stolen call our office immediately. If our office is closed you may call one of the following toll-free telephone numbers:

ATM or VISA Check Cards ... 1-800-472-3272 (option 2)
VISA Credit Card ... 1-800-991-4964


VISA Check Cards

Piedmont Credit Union VISA Check Cards are accepted anywhere in the world that accepts VISA.*  There are no annual fees.  The Check Card may also be used at ATMs by using the Personal Identification Number (PIN). For foreign ATM transactions Piedmont Credit Union does charge a small fee, however there are many surcharge free ATMs that may be used.  Click here to locate one of these ATMs near you.  You must have a share draft checking account in order to use a VISA Check Card.

December 2008 - Special Edition Newsletter

In this issue...

  • Holiday Tips
  • Accessing Your Money
  • December Deals
  • Help for the Homeless

Fall 2007 Newsletter

In this issue...

  • What are some of the special perks and benefits for credit union members?
  • Win an iPod by using E-Statements
  • Come see us at the Southside Show-Biz Tradeshow
  • Traveling Overseas?
  • Verified by Visa is now an option for credit cards AND check cards.
  • Christmas Clubs
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