Free Online Billpay

Here is a quote from a member who started using Online Billpay.

"This is great! I may never have to write a check again. You need to tell everybody about this!"

Online Billpay really is a great service that is offered for free to any member with a share draft checking account. It is very easy to setup and offers many other great features.

Cancel an Online Billpay Payment

Question: How do I cancel an Online Billpay Payment?

First logon to Billpay and click on the "Payments" menu, then choose "Scheduled Payments".  Then find the payment that you want to cancel and click "Stop". Then click "Stop Payment" to confirm that you want to stop this payment.

If the payment you want to stop does not appear then it may be too late to stop it.  Use the Billpay online chat feature or call Billpay to speak directly with a Billpay representative. ... keep reading...

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