Computer System Upgrades

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There are alot of changes coming to Your Piedmont Credit Union.  We are upgrading our computer system the weekend of November 15th.  This means that fresh, new and enhanced service options are coming your way!  Read on further to learn how these changes affect you and how to best take advantage of them.

This year has brought many changes in our credit union.  We’ve grown from one to four branches and increased staffing to better serve our members of today and those of tomorrow.  Another way that we will better serve our members of the future is by making a major computer system upgrade.  We’ll be migrating our core systems to an entirely new platform the weekend of November 15th.  This will improve many services which our members use on a daily basis.  Like any positive change, it will not come without challenge and a bit of learning.  Below we’ve compiled a list with everything you need to know about the coming changes and how they affect you... 


Credit union staff will be working through the weekend and on Monday to finalize the computer conversion and verify all the data.  However our offices will be closed on Monday, November 17, 2014 just in case the data verification takes longer than expected.  This also gives time for the staff to become better acclimated to the new interface before they are serving members face to face or over the phone.


Starting on November 18th, if you call in, don't be surprised if you hear a new friendly voice come over the line.  The credit union has provided temporary additional telephone support to assist members with setting up their new online services, estatements, Telephone Teller, and basic account inquiries & quiestions.


Most of the work of a computer system conversion takes place behind the scenes.  While the credit union will be closed on Monday, November 17th, most transactions will continue normally.  Your direct deposits, automatic withdrawals & checks will process normally.  Your VISA ATM, Debit & Credit Cards will function normally too, although the maximum amounts may be temporarily lowered.  Even your account number will stay the same.  The account suffixes will change, more about that later.


You will be able to use your cards during the data conversion.  Cards will continue to function normally; however, ATM and VISA Debit Cards will have reduced maximum dollar limits during conversion weekend.  VISA Credit Cards will have no interruption of service whatsoever.


Access to our “old” home banking site will cease at 6pm on Friday, November 14th.  Services will remain unavailable until the morning of Monday, November 17th.  At that time we’ll invite you to get to know our new home banking system called It’s Me 247.  The first step will be to visit our website at  From there you will see links to enroll in the new home banking site.  Your temporary password will be the last four digits of your social security number.  Upon your first login it will prompt you for a new password (you can use your old one) and to setup security questions.  While the look and feel will be different, we think you will be pleased with the new system.


This is the easy part of our computer conversion. Our Online Billpay services will stay exactly the same, except that members will first login to It’s Me 247 just like they did with the “old” home banking system.  You should not experience any interruption of service with Online Billpay.  Your scheduled payments will still process like they normally would. The one exception will be that members will be unable to add or edit already scheduled payments beginning at 9:00am on Friday, November 14th.  When the new system comes online, all of your payees will still be avilable to you.


We have loved our mobile app; but did you know that the current app wasn’t our first choice when we first looked into offering a mobile app?  Our new app, simply named "Piedmont Credit Union", will have even more features than the old app.  In fact the new app will be compatible with more devices including iPads, Kindles and larger tablets.  The new app is a complete re-write from the ground up so users will need to download the new app from their respective app stores.  Look for the all new "blue" Piedmont CU icon available no later than the morning of November 18th.

For Apple iPhone and iPad... 

For Android phones and tablets...


Mobile Deposits will be unavailable until they can be moved over to the new app.  This will occur on or before December 15th.  For added security, members will have a second user name and password for the new mobile deposit feature.


Our text banking will also be moving to a new platform.  It’s easy to get started with Text Banking, once you are logged in to the new It’s Me 247 look for the “Go Mobile” link.


Telephone Teller will go offline at 6pm on Friday the 14th. The new system will have a new phone number.  The new number  will be 1-844-879-7143.  It will go live on November 17th.  One important change with Telephone Teller is that your account ID’s will change.  For example, where your Share Draft Checking account had an account ID of “010”, the new account id will be “200.”  Common account ID’s appear below…

  • Share Savings Accounts… 000 stays 000
  • Secondary Savings... 031 becomes 001 thru 009 (multiple acct’s)
  • Share Draft Checking…010 becomes 200
  • Money Market… 030 becomes 240
  • Share Certificates… 070 becomes 300 thru 425
  • Loan ID’s will fall between 500 thru 899


  • November 14th - 17th - Upgrades begin starting at 6pm on November 14th.  At 9:00am Online billpay will be unavailable for editing or adding new payments.  Already scheduled payments will process normally.  At 6pm Online banking, balance inquiries, and transfers will be inaccessible until approximately noon on November 17th.
  • November 17th - Piedmont CU offices are closed to finalize the computer system upgrades.  At approximately noon members may begin to use the new online banking system "It's Me 247" and the new Telephone Teller.
  • November 18th - New Piedmont Credit Union app is available in the app store.
  • New Telephone Teller phone number: 1-844-879-7143

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