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Is My Money Used Responsibly?

"I'd like to know a little bit about how PCU invests its members' money. How much of it goes to low-interest rate loans to families in the region? Is the credit union purposeful about its outreach to less well-off parts of town or does it try to make its members the most money possible by giving high-rate loans? I'm not sure what other specific questions to ask, but if someone could address the general question of 'Is my money used responsibly?', it'd be great. Thanks so much for taking time to do this."

Dear Nik,
I wish every member asked these kinds of questions! ... keep reading...

What is the primary reason for your visit today?

On my way to/from NetBranch or Billpay
48% (19 votes)
Checking rates
18% (7 votes)
Thinking of joining a credit union
13% (5 votes)
Researching for a financial decision
8% (3 votes)
Looking for a loan
15% (6 votes)
Total votes: 40

Winter 2010 Newsletter

In this issue...

  • Recession and Beyond
  • How Long Will You Pay For the Holidays?
  • A Little Knowledge Changes Everything (Hornets)
  • Scholarship Applications
  • Employee Anniversaries
  • Holiday Closings

Christmas Loans Now Available

The Christmas Shopping season officially kicked off last weekend and Christmas Loans are now available from your Piedmont Credit Union!  The amount can be up to $2,000 and the interest rate is only 9.50%.  Use it to pay for gifts and Holiday expenses now, or get one to pay off other Holiday expenses after year end.  Christmas Loans will be available until February 2010. Apply Now!

Protection for Your Checking Account

Have you ever forgotten to write down when you’ve used your Check Card or written a check? Every day people pay the price for such simple, honest mistakes on their account. Fortunately, there is a safety net for just this situation! The Overdraft Line of Credit. Click Read more below. ... keep reading...

Christmas Clubs

If you have a Christmas Club Account it automatically transferred to your Share Savings Account last night.  If you would like your Christmas club to continue as normal there is no action you need to take.  Of course, if you don't have a Christmas Club now is a great time to start one!

Fall 2009 Newsletter

In This Issue...

  • Protection for Your Checking Account
  • 5.5% Fixed Rate Home Equity Loan
  • Savings Story - Making Payments for Life!
  • Getting Your Debt in Focus
  • PCU Visits with Local Legislators
  • Employee Anniversaries
  • Southside Show-Biz
  • Christmas Clubs & Christmas Loans
  • Holiday Closings

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