Member Advantage Club

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Ever Feel Like You're At A Disadvantage?

Do you find yourself coming up short paying for things like vacations, semi-annual taxes or anniversaries?  Or do you have trouble saving up for big purchases & down payments?  If so then you should consider a Member Advantage Club.  It's a special savings account that gives you an advantage over those habits that, until now, have kept your savings in check!

Here's how it works!  You put money into the account as often as you like.  You can withdraw funds from it up to four (4) times per calendar year.  So the Member Advantage Club provides two things.

  1. A safe place to store your money that is ear-marked for a specific purpose.
  2. Limited account access so that the funds are not 'accidentally' spent.

You can make deposits to the account any way you like.  Direct Deposit is a great way to build up your savings without even noticing it!  Just take the amount you need to save and divide it by however many paydays you have between now and when you need the money.  That tells you how much you need to set aside to make your Member Advantage Club work for you!

If you have ever used a Vacation Club then you understand this type of account completely.  There is no ATM access and withdrawals must be made in person with a Piedmont CU teller.

Turn the tables and get an advantage!  Call or come by our office and start a Member Advantage Club today!