Would You Like a Grilled Cheese Sandwich? (Financial Education Opportunities)

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I can cook a really great grilled cheese sandwich!  But that's about the extent of my culinary prowess!  No one in their right mind would dare take cooking advice from me.  However, people every day take financial advice from their neighbors, friends and online buddies without really knowing if they are remotely qualified to offer such advice.  If you listen to financial advice from people who are always broke, guess what you'll be.  Broke!

Fortuntately financial education has come into the limelight over the last two years.  Schools have begun making it a part of the curriculum, local credit unions such as mine have established formal programs, churches and other non-profit groups are offering opportunities as well.  If you are struggling with finances to any extent at all, you're not alone. Connect with a local organization that is offering educational opportunities and get some good advice.   If you're looking for a list of opportunities email me at dan@piedmontcu.org and I'll connect you with one of them. 

UPDATED: My credit union's program is called Financial Focus.  Our next event, Planning for a Golden Retirement, is November 8, 2010.  We'll have a local expert on retirement & estate planning, Richard Jones, as our special guest.  For all the details or to sign up visit www.piedmontcu.org/FinancialFocus.

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