"Unable to Recognize Computer" message

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Question: "Why do I get the "We are unable to recognize the computer you are signing in from" message?"

Piedmont Credit Union employs strong security and encryption measures to prevent theft and fraudulent activity.  This feature requires extra security measure such as the answering of specific questions before it will allow access to your accounts.  This is called Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

You may get this message if you recently emptied or deleted your web browser's cookies or internet history.  You may also see this message if there is a typo in your member number (Login ID).

There are two ways to get past this security feature.

1) Answer one of your security questions.
2) Have the server send you an email with a one time code.  You must have instant access to your email for this option as the one-time code expires very quickly.

If you still have trouble using either of these methods call our office and one of our staff will gladly reset your security questions so that you may choose new ones and gain access to your account online.

Click here to learn more about MFA and Read our Frequently Asked Questions about MFA.