Taking My Own Advice

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I really blew it today! I discarded several easy and important pieces of my own money saving advice.  Today I was on my own for lunch.  (I usually have lunch with my wife & kids at home.  But they went swimming today.  This lead to mistake #1, I should've packed my lunch.)  When I got in the car on my lunch break, I started the engine and started to leave without having even the slightest idea of what I wanted to eat or where I wanted to go.  (Mistake #2, Not Planning. Had I planned my trip, deciding ahead of time what I wanted to accomplish, I could've avoided all the other mistakes.)

I drove kind of aimlessly towards the mall and decided to try Tokyo Grill.   After looking at the menu on their window I decided that I didn't want to spend that much money.  Then I drove by the new Checkered Pig but my wife's been encouraging me not to eat pork so I just looked quickly at the drive-thru menu and continued on my wandering path.  Still not knowing what I was in the mood for I stopped at my eye doctor to get a copy of my recent glasses prescription.  (This was my one shining moment.  As often as I lose my glasses I'm going to save some money and order a cheaper pair than I did last time.)

Then I decided to just get something cheap from Arby's.  In the drive-thru (aka Big Gas Waster, Mistake #3) I decided to finally try one of those Roast Burgers they've been pushing.  (Mistake #4 - Don't buy any old thing they're trying to sell you.) I got the combo because it was on sale cheaper than just buying the sandwich, small fries, and water.  It was far more food than I needed!  I would've been just fine without the fries and sweet tea.  (Mistake #5 - Don't over eat.  Buy only what you need.)

Here's the point
I'd estimate my Total Money Wasted at about $7.  That includes the cost of lunch and the cost of the gas I burned driving around town aimlessly.  Of course, I've wasted alot more money than that in my life.  The point I want to make is that getting ahead with money is an everyday thing that requires great diligence.  It requires dropping bad habits and nurturing good habits.  It requires careful planning.  Most millionaires are not born overnight.  They work hard, saving and making wise decisions with their money, not on most days, but every day.

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