Repair vs. Replace

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Last week while enjoying dinner at a friends house, I noticed a $900 Bose stereo/dvd player sitting in the corner unplugged.  This fantastic feat of audio engineering was now useless because the dvd drive would not close and made a terrible noise.  My friend, Bill, had checked with Bose about sending it off for repair.  They had offered to upgrade his stereo at a modest discount which still involed him paying hundreds of dollars.  Being one who like to tinker with things I offered to take a shot at repairing it.  Amazingly, Bill agreed to let me have a try!  Over the weekend I managed to repair the broken dvd drive without the need for any new parts!  Bill was thrilled as he watched Bolt with that fantastic Bose stereo sound!

In this case the repair of a $900 stereo was free.  What is something you've had repaired that would have cost you alot of money to replace?  How about a car or a household appliance?

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