PCU Website Upgrades

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Welcome to PiedmontCU.org! You may notice a few changes and additions since your last visit which we hope you will enjoy.  Below is a listing of new new features and abilities...

  • NetBranch login form is in the same place.
  • On the home page, news articles now rotate through the five latest stories.
  • The site allows visitors to interact with the credit union and each other via comments.
  • There's a section where visitors can share their 'Savings Story'.  Visitors are invited to write about their experiences with money and savings. We hope it will promote and inspire good financial habits.
  • Visitors can signup to receive our Coins Newsletter in their email.
  • There's a credit union/community calendar page.
  • There's a new For Sale page.
  • The Quick Contacts listing is collapsed on the right side of the page.  Just click it to expand.
  • The drop-down menu at the top of the screen is no more.  (The menu is still there it just doesn't drop-down and get in the way of the rest of the page.)
  • The Quicklinks on the left side are now expanded.
  • The Search box is now located at the top right corner of the screen. There's also a link under Quick Links on the left.
  • The advertisements are not as big throughout the site as they are on the home page.
  • At the bottom of every page there are several link lists which can quickly direct visitors to almost any credit union service.

Thanks for visiting!

You may still view the old homepage at this address: http://old.piedmontcu.org.