Multi-Factor Authentication

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The purpose of MFA
Piedmont Credit Union wants to offer the best possible protection for our NetBranch online account access. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) provides NetBranch users with enhanced
security features to ensure that your personal information stays secure and confidential.

The MFA signup process
When you logon to NetBranch you will be prompted to enter some new information. You will need to choose a passphrase that will appear over your screen image. You will also need to provide answers to some basic questions about yourself. You may choose which questions to use. You will need to choose all 3 questions and give answers to each of them. The answers to these questions are kept confidential and are not able to be retrieved by any person, only the NetBranch computer system. You will have the option to "register this computer." Only register computers that you use regularly to access NetBranch such as your home computer or laptop. In the future if you try to access NetBranch using a different computer you will be prompted to answer one of your questions. Only after entering a correct answer will you be granted access to NetBranch.

How it Works!
The MFA enabled NetBranch will only prompt you for your member number. Once you enter your member number, NetBranch will then show you the passphrase and image that you chose during MFA setup. If either of these items are not what you had previously chosen, do not enter your password and call the credit union immediately. But if the passphrase and image are the same as what you had previously chosen, then simply enter your password, click Logon, and you will be logged on to NetBranch.

You may change your passphrase and image any time you wish by using the MFA Preferences section within NetBranch. Below is a document which contains answers to Frequently Asked Questions about MFA.

MFA_Frequently_Asked_Questions.pdf34.87 KB