A Little Knowledge Changes Everything

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About a month ago I noticed some big, mean looking hornets buzzing around near our drive-thru.  Not wanting to find out how bad their sting could be, I stopped parking on that side of the lot and began steps to erradicate them.  First I tried to find their nest, unsuccessfully.  Since they didn't come close enough to really bother anyone using the drive-thru I let them alone until our monthly visit from Four Seasons Pest Control.  Tim from Four Seasons knew just what they are.  They aren't hornets at all!  They are Eastern Cicada Killers.  As their name suggests, they live on the East Coast and kill Cicadas for food, but they are virtually harmless to humans.

Here's how all this relates to money.  A little knowledge changes everything. Once I knew what the bugs were and that they posed no real threat to me, my outlook on them completely changed.  I was no longer afraid of or intimidated by them.  It's the same when we're faced with financial challenges.  When we're in the thick of the situation our perspective is all off.  When we get the input from an expert, in my case Tim from Four Seasons, we learn the truth about our actual condition and can begin to take the right steps to fix the problem.  The problem starts to shrink as your newfound understanding of it dispells the fear and intimidation that once paralyzed you.

So don't be afraid or embarrassed to ask for help when dealing with financial issues.  Ask people who are successful in their finances for advice and help.  You might find that your problems aren't as menacing as you think they are, or that you can accomplish more than you think you can!

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