A Life Like Yours

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There are hundreds of people in our community for whom “A Life Like Yours” may seem an unattainable goal.  These are people affected by developmental disabilities such as autism, Down syndrome, and others.  These individuals many times need a little more help to become self sufficient participants in our community.

The Arc of Southside promotes and protects the human rights of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and actively supports their full inclusion and participation in the community throughout their lifetimes.  

This fall Piedmont Credit Union is pleased to join in their mission by providing a platform to showcase their good work and raise awareness about how all of us can become involved in helping this often overlooked part of our community.

When you visit the credit union or visit our website during this season, look for displays featuring the fine craftsmanship The Arc of Southside is known for.  You will see handmade quilts, quillows, sock monkeys and even original artwork.  On our website look for videos and stories about the real people behind these products.

The Arc of Southside (formerly known as The Hatcher Center) is on a journey.  They are plotting a course towards more inclusive services.  It is their goal over the next three years to shift their focus from helping individuals in a secluded environment towards helping & mentoring them with their day-to-day lives as part of our community.  To accomplish this the organization is in the beginning stages of establishing an Inclusion Fund with the sole purpose of assisting challenged individuals to get started out on their own.

The fund will be used to help their people with expenses such as the purchase of their own furniture or to cover a security deposit for a new apartment.  The idea is for the fund to be self sustaining where people who have benefitted from it contribute back to it once they are self sufficient.  It sounds a little like the credit union model, which is probably why it is so easy for Piedmont Credit Union to partner with something like this.  We hope that you will join us in helping to establish The Arc of Southside Inclusion Fund.  You can do so by purchasing a wristband at our office for a $5 donation or simply by supporting them with the purchase of their merchandise.   For each $5 donation you will be entered in a weekly raffle to win Arc merchandise.

These are real people just like you, just with a little more challenge to overcome.  Thank you for joining with us to help them have a better life - “A Life Like Yours.”

Click here to order tickets / wristbands online.