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To join Piedmont Credit Union we first need to determine if you are eligible.  If you're not sure if you can join, click here to read "Who Can Join?". You can always call or email with questions about membership.

There are several ways to join Piedmont Credit Union.  Of course you may come to one of our offices to complete the necessary paperwork.  Additionally we try to come to you by making annual visits to our various member groups.

If you will be coming into our office to join the credit union we will need for you to bring certain information to start your credit union membership.

  1. A valid Drive License with your correct address. (If the address is incorrect we will need for you to also bring a utility bill with the correct address.)
  2. Your Social Security Card (If the card is unavailable then we will need for you to verify your social security number using one of the following documents: Recent Pay Stub, U.S. Military ID, Insurance Card, or Tax Return with W2 form.)
  3. At least a $25.00 first time deposit for a share savings account. (If you also want to open a checking account we will need for you to bring an additional $50.00 to start the checking account. But there's no minimum balance and no fees to maintain the account after that.)

If you will be joining at one of our onsite visits to your employer then you will need to provide all of the same items listed above with the following exceptions.

  1. We are unable to accept cash while on-site due to security concerns.  If you setup any amount of Direct Deposit or Payroll Deduction we will not ask you to immediately fund the first $25.00 to establish your share savings account.  The first $25.00 that comes into the account via Direct Deposit will meet the $25.00 minimum balance requirement.