Dear Nestle & Knight-Celotex Employees

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Dear Nestle & Knight-Celotex Employees,

If you are affected by a layoff give us a call. If you have loans with the credit union we're willing to take a look at your individual situation and allow you to skip a few payments if you need to. There's no fee involved, but we need for you to call us to make sure you are eligible. Then we'll need you to come by our office to sign an extension agreement.

Nestle is a great company and you, Nestle employees, have been part of Piedmont Credit Union since the late 1980's.  You are responsible for a large part of Piedmont Credit Union's success over the years.  The same can be said of Knight-Celotex over it's very long history in Danville.  While these are unfortunate circumstances, they don't have to ruin you financially. Together we'll make it through this temporary setback without costing you too much money or hurting your good credit rating.