Connecting with Piedmont CU

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"So, this inter-web thingamajig is really catching on! Maybe one day it'll be as big as FM radio?"

Actually the Internet has been (and still is) reshaping how we interact and communicate with each other.  Here's a list of the ways Piedmont Credit Union interacts with it's members and friends both in person and over that "inter-web thingamajig".

  • In Person - Drop by and see us!  We're here 8:30am - 5:00pm every weekday except on certain holidays!  (Check the PCU Calendar for those.)  We're also available to visit your workplace if it's alright with your employer.
  • Telephone - Yep, we have those too.  We even smile over the phone! :)
  • Website & Email - Of course, you're reading the website now.  Just click on contact at the top and you can send us an email.
  • Facebook - Become a fan of our Facebook page here.
  • Twitter - Find us at  We'll follow local people on twitter to get a feel for what's going on in our area and to interact with the local who are part of the twitter community.  We'll try to post local events and savings tips along with other little insights about money.  We also follow lots of other credit unions which use twitter.  Feel free to follow us and tweet with us from time to time.  Please don't share too much private information though.  Use our secure contact form for that.
  • - We'll share photos of credit union events to this website from time to time.
  • - We'll share videos from credit union events sometimes too.
  • RSS - This is really just an extension of our website.  It delivers anything new directly to your favorite RSS reader instead of you having to visit our site.
  • PCU Member Connect - This is our blog.  It's not updated as often now that we've added interactive features to our main website, such as Savings Story.

It can be alot of fun and very easy to interact with others over the Internet, but please be careful.  If you see someone pretending to be Piedmont Credit Union and it's not on this list, then it's probably not us.  Let us know if you see that kind of thing anywhere.  We'll never solicit your personal information through email or online channels.  We'll call you or do it face to face.

For now we'll see you around, whether that's 'on-line' at facebook or 'in-line' at the office!