Christmas Loans Now Available

The Christmas Shopping season officially kicked off last weekend and Christmas Loans are now available from your Piedmont Credit Union!  The amount can be up to $2,000 and the interest rate is only 9.50%.  Use it to pay for gifts and Holiday expenses now, or get one to pay off other Holiday expenses after year end.  Christmas Loans will be available until February 2010. Apply Now!

5.5% FIXED Rate Home Equity Loan

Piedmont Credit Union now offers a short term Fixed Rate Home Equity Loan!   Now, for terms of 7 years or less, the interest rate is only 5.5%!  A Home Equity Loan can be a great choice to help pay for all kinds of things such as re-modelling, weddings, cars, etc.  For borrow's who itemize ... ... keep reading...

Optional Loan Protection - Insurance, GAP, Breakdown Coverage

Piedmont Credit Union offers several loan add-on's to provide you with peace of mind.  There is affordable credit disability insurance and affordable credit life insurance. There is also Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP) to ensure that your car loan will be paid off in an accident.  Below is an explanation of these various optional loan services.

Share Secured Loans

A Share Secured or Certificate Secured Loan is when you use money (shares) as collateral for your loan.  Perhaps you want to buy something but don't want to take the money out of your share savings?  Or perhaps you need to establish or re-establish credit history?  A Share Secured Loan can help you do that too because there are no credit requirements.


Boat, Motorcycle, & Recreational Vehicle Loans

Whether you're riding across town on your motorcycle, or across the country in your RV, Piedmont Credit Union has a loan to help you get there!

Boats, RV, & Motorcycles financed elsewhere can be refinanced with PCU, often lowering your payments so you have more money to spend on fun.


Home Equity Loans & Lines of Credit

A Piedmont Credit Union Home Equity Line of Credit is an excellent way for members to obtain money needed for large projects, purchases, or expenses. It utilizes the equity built up in your house and, like any mortgage loan, the interest paid on this type of loan is tax deductible. It is a great way to consolidate debt, buy a second home, buy a car, or pay for home improvements. ... keep reading...

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