Verified by Visa

One of the easiest ways to prevent check card fraud is to enable Verified by Visa for your Piedmont CU Check Card.  This is something that should be done even if you do not shop online.  Thousands of online merchants utilize Verified by Visa to ensure that the person using your card is in fact you.  Click read more to learn more about how Verified by Visa can protect you. ... keep reading...

March 2009 Special Edition Newsletter

In this issue...

  • Fraud: What to do if you suspect it.
  • Scholarship Application Available
  • Holiday Hours
  • Tax Preparation Discounts
  • Guarded ID protects your computer from keyloggers
  • Annual Meeting

Fraudulent Card Charges

Last month the Danville Register & Bee ran a story about fraudulent debit card charges on Piedmont Credit Union accounts. The credit union has determined that this is a result of the security breach on a card payment processor in New Jersey.  Heartland Payment Systems has issued a statement at  This affects thousands of banks and credit unions across the country. There was no security breach at Piedmont Credit Union or any of its vendors. ... keep reading...

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