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Credit Union Volunteers

Board of Directors

The credit union board of directors is comprised solely of volunteers from the membership of the credit union.  They meet at least once per month and set the overall course of the credit union.  They are elected at our Annual Meeting and serve two year terms.  Each credit union member may cast a single vote regardless of how much they actually use the credit union. The board also appoints various committees that help operate the credit union.

What is a Credit Union?

A credit union is a place that helps you save money in many different ways.  You can also borrow money from the credit union or have a checking account there too.

Below is a list of commonly asked questions about Piedmont Credit Union and credit unions in general.

How is a credit union different from just another bank?

Winter 2009 Newsletter

In this issue...

  • Credit Union Pioneers
  • 'Owe' vs. 'Own' - Using Debt Wisely
  • Budgeting Worksheet
  • Three Useful NetBranch Links
  • New Federal Share Insurance Limits
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