Speed Demon or Mileage Maniac?

I'm the latter.  Which one are you?  How fast we drive can have a huge effect on the efficiency of our cars.  It's possible to save alot by changing a few little habits.  How much savings, you ask?  Take for example my Toyota Corolla.  It's rated at 26/36 mpg.  When driving it hard it gets about 26-27 mpg.  When driving easy it jumps up to 32-33mpg.  At today's gas prices that makes a difference of about $230 per year.  For you, those figures will be different depending on your car and how much you drive.  Attached is a spreadsheet which you may use to calculate the savings found by becoming a Mileage Maniac!  Also, here are a few tips to help you go a little farther on what's in your tank! ... keep reading...

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